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  Hoistbox is a new online certificate programme used by Rigging Box. With this online service you can check and print the certificates of all your hoists, truss... Read More About Hoistbox

Rigging Box obtains ISO 9001:2008 Certificate!

Since 2009 Rigging Box is working very hard to gather the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate. At February 23rd Rigging Box achieved this mission, Rigging Box received a successful audit.... Read More About Rigging Box behaalt ISO 9001:2008 certificaat

Rigging Box is ‘Verlinde Stagemaker SM' certified

As of March 4th, three certified Verlinde Stagemaker maintenance technicians are available within Rigging Box. Due to this development Rigging Box can offer a service at much larger and wider... Read More About Rigging Box nu ook Verlinde Stagemaker SM gecertificeerd.

Rigging Box rents out new ground support system

  Since recently Rigging Box BV rents out a new ground support system. This CT ground support from Prolyte Products is specially designed for high and heavy... Read More About Rigging Box verhuurt nieuw groundsupport systeem

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