Verhuurassortiment Verhuurassortiment

Truss Prolyte

Technical information about our Truss Prolyst assortment

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Truss Flash Folding

Technical information about our Flash Folding truss assortment 
lengt, weight, etc.

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Technical information about our assortment Lodestar chain hoists.
maximum load, weight, speed, etc.

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Download cable scheme

Hand chainhoist

We have a wide range of hand chainhoists. Please find the technical information containing maximum load, weigth and speed, ect.

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Technical information on the various motorcontrollers in our assortment

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Download cable scheme hoist control


Technical information on the various cables, motormulti's and break outs in our assortment. 
Lengths, weight, colour codes ect. 
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Lifting materials

Information about the various lifting materials in our assortment as steel cables, shackels, clutches, fibre slings, beamclamps, deckchain ect. 
Working lenghts, colourcodes, safe workload

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Rotation unit

Technical information about the rotation units in our assortment
Maximum load, weight, rotation speed. 

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Equipment list

Please find our full equipment list

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